Teachers competition in the Erasmus+ KA1 mobility programme (copy 3)


Inviting teachers working in the education sector to apply for participation in the Erasmus++/KA1 mobility programme at Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey (https://www.iku.edu.tr/).
The competition is announced for the following position:
- 1 place for staff mobility for teaching
Mobility is announced for a period of five days, including two-day travel.
The competition is open until 1 st September, 2023.

Conditions for participating in the competition and documents required to apply:
1. Resume (CV)
2. A scan of the first passport page
3. The participant in the competition has to be proficient in a foreign language in which classes will be held, English in particular
4. Completed application form
The participant in the competition shall submit the complete documentation required by the competition within the specified deadline. Send the scanned documents to the e-mail erasmus.office@vspep.edu.rs .
Incomplete and late applications will be rejected.
Additional information:
- Mobility will be realized in the winter semester of the academic 2023/2024. Dates will be subsequently specified in agreement with the partner institution. Exceptionally, in case of introduction of extraordinary
measures that could affect the realization of academic cooperation, the planned mobility can be postponed to the following semester.
- This mobility is realized within the Erasmus+ exchange programme, which covers travel and living expenses according to the established distribution of grant funds.
- Participants in mobility programs shall arrange the relevant insurance covering the entire period of their stay abroad.
- Application evaluation criteria can be found at: https://vspep.edu.rs/fileadmin/user_upload/Internationalisation/rules_and_conditions_for_the_selection.pdf
- Mobility agreement: Staff mobility teaching can be found at: https://vspep.edu.rs/fileadmin/user_upload/Internationalisation/mobility_agreement_staff_mobility_teaching.pdf
The competition results will be published on the institution's website, and objections to competition results can be submitted to erasmus.office@vspep.edu.rs within 8 days from the date when results are
Please contact erasmus.office@vspep.edu.rs if you need any additional information.