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Whether you have just graduated from high school or are already working in the fields of business economics, entrepreneurship, law, finance, banking or insurance, our studies will provide you with significant, highly applicable knowledge that will lay and deepen the foundations of high quality and broad education. in further business ventures.

There is no reason to delay. Choose the right path - one that will provide you with quality foundations and support and allow you to develop in the direction you want, both professionally and personally.

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What can you expect from our studies?

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to acquire significant and usable knowledge and skills that will enable you a safe and profitable career in the areas you choose.

Our teaching staff is always available for mentoring, consultations and resolving doubts for the sake of easier and better acquisition of the necessary knowledge. We encourage the development of interpersonal skills in teamwork, but also training for independent performance of key positions in the fields of work. In order to make studying as pleasant as possible, but also more accessible, we offer our students numerous benefits: organization of classes in the afternoon for employed students, reasonable tuition fees with the possibility of paying in 10 monthly installments, various tuition reductions, entrepreneurial scholarships and a large number of scholarships. the most talented students, but also those from socially endangered families. We are open to all suggestions, suggestions and agreements in order to provide you with education that suits your needs.

Choice according to your needs and affinities

Choose the direction that best suits your interests and preferences, and with a rich scientific and curriculum, treat yourself to the education you deserve and train yourself for the most sought-after occupations of today.

Read more about our study programs ...

Get to know the world of business economics and entrepreneurship and be successful in it - enroll in basic academic studies Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

Knowledge in the field of business economics is one of the most desirable and sought after in the world of business. In the basic academic studies of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, you will get an ideal combination of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of business economics with significant entrepreneurial skills. After completing your studies, you will know how to run the company's economy within the existing or construction of new sectors, but also to successfully start and run your own business.

Financial stability of the company and your budget - enroll in basic academic studies in Finance, Banking and Insurance

Making a profit in a company largely depends on knowing and recognizing investment-efficient projects and safe and stable management and monitoring of cash flows of the company. Therefore, quality selection of staff in the financial sector is essential for the success and progress of any company. Due to the nature of the work they do and the responsibilities that their business position carries, financial professionals have significantly high incomes. Using special business strategies and sophisticated skills, they constantly work on the development and improvement of the company's business.

Training of professionals for jobs that require knowledge in the field of law - enroll in basic academic studies in Law

Acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge for successful understanding and solving of current legal problems, management and leadership in state administration and local self-government bodies, but also in economic organizations and associations, as well as in institutions of the legal system. In the study program Law, through different legal and economic subjects, students are presented with different legal institutes, problems and ways of solving them, enabling them to cope in different situations and understand the importance of forming top staff in this field for society as a whole.

Upgrading knowledge that ensures high business positions - enroll in a master's degree in Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

High-paying career in finance, banking and insurance - enroll in a master's degree in Finance, Banking and Insurance

The enrollment period has begun - you are on the move

Your time has come. Successful tomorrow starts today. Fill out the application and start on the path to success.

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