Students who enroll in academic and master studies at the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship sign a Study Agreement, which regulates the conditions of study and the method of paying tuition fees.

PEP Faculty has a clear vision of its role in improving the quality of academic education in Serbia, as well as a planned focus on the needs of society and modern educational trends. PEP performs its activity through the realization of basic and master studies in several scientific and professional fields: Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Banking and Insurance and Law.

In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, the School respects the principles of higher education, academic freedom and integrity, and the right to higher education that all persons with previously acquired secondary education have for four years.

Our vision is based on the idea of ​​continuously working on modernizing study programs that are attractive, modern and that provide innovative approaches in the process of teaching and learning, all with the intention of providing our students with competitiveness in both domestic and global labor markets.

Contract with students for BASIC ACADEMIC STUDIES
Contract with students for MASTER studies