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Why DLS?

The concept of the DLS system fully corresponds to mastering the materials and acquiring the knowledge necessary to work in companies, banks and the requirements of business practice. Modern teaching implies a program with the help of the latest information technologies as well as modern learning platforms. DLS is based on a high-quality study program and educational technologies.

What are the benefits of distance learning?

If you are employed, you are a professional athlete or for any reason you are not able to attend lectures and exercises every day, distance studies, where you choose the time and place of study, are the right choice for you.

All materials are provided and classes are adapted to the needs of students

The basic requirement for students to access the DLS program is to have a computer with an Internet connection. The structure and mode of DLS are the same as with the classical mode of study. You can register on the DLS platform for learning support via the address www.vspep.edu.rs. With the obtained username and password you access the system. After logging in to the platform you access the learning materials. All books are in PDF format and are available to students 24 hours a day on our server.

Access to DLS system

The DLS platform provides access to all recorded lectures on the Moodle platform. When starting the distance learning process, the student has the opportunity to access lectures 24 hours a day and to listen to them several times at a time when his obligations allow. The electronic form of textual content contains carefully selected information and data, as well as current internet links that will help you master the necessary material.

A new educational trend

Distance learning represents a new trend in education due to the numerous advantages that this type of study offers. This type of study allows you to study from home, on the principle of following recorded lectures and self-testing.

Anytime, anywhere

The DLS is chosen by ambitious and hard-working people who, due to lack of time, are not able to physically attend classes every day. All students can choose a place of study without the need to move, without the cost of rent as well as without additional costs. You can choose a school outside the country in which you live and the possibility of consultation with professors and lecturers, as well as communication with the student service.

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