Higher education unit outside the headquarters in Čačak

In Čačak, in the very center of the city, from 4.12. In 2013, works an accredited higher education institution, which is the best solution for your studies. In a fully equipped space, with auditoriums, a library and a student service, PEP Faculty provides its students with the highest standards of basic academic and master studies.

Higher education unit outside the headquarters Jagodina

The Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship established a teaching center in Jagodina on October 11, 2013. to bring the students of this city and its surroundings closer and easier to study. Now you can study without having to move to another university center, which would expose your family to additional costs and separate you from family and friends.

Higher education unit outside the headquarters in Loznica

Accredited higher education institution in Loznica since 29.11. 2013. offers all the benefits of studying nearby. Teaching staff and study programs are a guarantee for the education of students who can hope for a successful career. The study program is comprehensive and comprehensive and consists of compulsory and elective courses, in academic and master studies.

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