Prof. dr Jovan Živadinović (director) & prof. dr. Dušan Cogoljević (founder)
Prof. dr Jovan Živadinović (director) & prof. dr. Dušan Cogoljević (founder)
Follow the events on our site and get more information about study programs, enrollment requirements, enrollment deadlines, study opportunities and benefits at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship . We would be grateful if you would write, ask us questions, or comment, whether you are our current or future student. Likewise, the opinions and reactions of those who have graduated from our College or are potential employers in the context of our program and the educational content we offer will be of great importance.
The changes in the field of economy and business are numerous and are taking place more and more rapidly. It is about creating a global market, increasing competition, introducing information and communication technologies in all spheres of business, turbulent business environment, increasing the transparency of numerous markets and customer sophistication, the need to provide better quality products and services at a lower cost, dramatically shortened time space for impact and reactions of organizations to markets, etc. Competitive advantage is gained by businesses and entrepreneurs who have the right knowledge to enable them to recognize change and adapt to change. That is why it is important that you carefully choose the institution of higher education at which you will be educated so that you acquire current knowledge and skills during your studies.

The Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade (Visoka skola PEP) empowers students to run their businesses independently, solve problems and succeed in the areas of business economics, entrepreneurship, finance, banking, insurance and law. We invite you to enroll in the accredited undergraduate and master study programs of the Higher Education that provide you with high quality. Competent teachers and associates will assist you in this, with the help of the available resources of the Higher School of Education and Science, such as an amphitheater, classrooms, a library and a computer center equipped with modern equipment.
If you are employed, enroll in PEP as you can study on terms that are tailored to your obligations at work through afternoon teaching activities, with a number of practical benefits. In this sense, textbooks and additional courses (computer science and others) are included in the tuition fee, and awards the most successful students of PEP with scholarships. If you see yourself as a successful businessman in the near future, capable of spotting change and building a successful career, enrol in PEP within this enrollment deadline.

prof. Dr. Jovan Zivadinovic

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