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The Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (PEP) was created out of the market's need for quality, highly educated, practical knowledge, skilled and capable experts in the field of business economics, entrepreneurship, finance, banking and insurance. It is a school that prepares its students for independent business management, problem solving and successful business. The emphasis is on the synergy of traditional learning, innovation of the modern age, the quality of the curriculum and the speed of acquiring new skills and abilities in the field of sharing. Curricula follow world trends and trends in order for students to achieve competitiveness in the domestic and foreign labor markets already during their studies. Support for the implementation of this approach to education is experienced and highly educated teaching staff, small mentoring groups, learning dynamics that monitors and respects the individuality and interests of each student for better and more efficient acquisition of necessary knowledge, as well as organized practices in leading banking and business organizations and institutions and further.


In the service of your interests - our mission and vision


Learning is a lifelong process. That is why our desire is to provide you with a solid and secure foundation on which to build your successful future. By creating and spreading your knowledge in the field for which you are studying, you will not leave your life to chance, but you will grab it with a sure grip and direct it to the top. Our mission is to help you with that. Through a well-designed and implemented curriculum, we will pass on the most important skills and knowledge that will make you the leaders of today and provide you with an upward path of success. After less than a decade since its inception by the tendency of progress and development. We strive to keep up with the times, technological advances and comprehensive changes in the profession in order to provide you with the education you deserve.


What awaits you at the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship?


Our curricula are designed in accordance with the principles and standards of the Bologna Declaration with an emphasis on high quality teaching and compliance with similar study programs of faculties and universities in the European Union. The plan and program relies on the latest scientific and professional knowledge from all areas of business economics, entrepreneurship, finance, banking and insurance and is realized by connecting theory and practice through various case analyzes. It consists of compulsory and elective courses, in order to adapt to the preferences of each student. We respect the wishes and needs of students who together with lecturers participate in the creation and implementation of the entire teaching process. We have long-term cooperation with leading faculties and universities around the world which gives our students the opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions and gain new knowledge from foreign lecturers. frequent guests. In addition, in addition to formal education, we also organize informal trainings and trainings for additional training of our students. In cooperation with the Academy of Business Education and Social Skills in Vienna, we enable our students to take the 1st Business Certificate® and 1st Social Competence Certificate® certificates, after which they receive a diploma from the 1BC Academy of Business Education and Business Skills, certified by the EU, from various areas (communication, marketing, human resource management, business law, accounting) or 1SC for training Successful negotiation.

The College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship educates students according to study programs, for:

basic academic studies in the following fields:

  • Business economics and entrepreneurship for 3 years and acquisition of 180 ECTS
  • Finance, banking and insurance for 4 years and acquisition of 240 ECTS
  • Law school lasts for 4 years and the acquisition of 240 ECTS

master of academic studies in the following fields:

  • Business economics and entrepreneurship for 2 years
  • Finance, banking and insurance for 1 year

after which a total of 300 ECTS points is earned.




The Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship received a work permit in 2008, issued by the Ministry in charge of higher education. All study programs of the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade and higher education units outside the headquarters in Jagodina, Cacak and Loznica are accredited by the Accreditation Commission of the National Council for Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia.

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