Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade, takes part in Erasmus + Mobility Programme as a result of a number of signed Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements.
Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply. Undergraduate students can apply provided they have enrolled in the second year of their studies.
All students interested in participating in mobility should examine and compare the curricula of the home and host institution. It isnecessary to find out in which language the teaching in the selected higher education institution is conducted. For further information, contact the Centre for International Cooperation

  1. Fill out the Application Form for studies/ Application form for Traineeship and submit it within the deadline. Application forms can be downloaded from the Faculty's website .
  2. The application form (printed and signed) and other documents are to be  submitted in person to the Centre for International Cooperation

In addition to the application form, it is necessary to enclose:

  • CV in Serbian ;
  • Motivation letter in English;
  • Letter of recommendation in English;
  • Transcript of Records with the list of exams passed, local grades and ECTS credits (contact the Registar/ Student administration office);
  • Photocopy of ID card, student ID card/student grade booklet and valid passport (it is mandatory to check the expiration date of the passport);
  • Students with disabilities ordisadvantaged students have the right to an increased amount of Erasmus + financial support if they enclose thedocuments confirming their disability / disadvantage.

The Centre for International Cooperation responsible for the ranking and selection of candidates. The selection is based on the following criteria:

  • The average grade of the candidate's outcomesup to the moment of applying for mobility,
  • Knowledge of a foreign language in which the chosen study programme is taught,
  • Knowledge of English (written and oral),
  • Motivation letter,
  • Volunteer experience,
  • An interview.

Preference is given to candidates who have not participated in a mobility programme during their studies.
The selection process is divided into two stages:

  • First stage - administrative reviw of applications
  • Second stage - testing and selection of candidates.

The selection results will be posted on the Faculty's website and will be sent to ane-mail addresses indicated in each candidate's application form.
Students who wish to appeal can submit their complaints to the Centre for International Cooperation, in writing, within 8 days from the announcement of the selectionresults. The feedback on appeals is to be made by the Centre for International Cooperation within 3 days from the moment of receiving the appeal.

  1. Complete the Student Application Form of the receiving institution and send it to the selected institution at the indicated address.
  2. Fill in the Learning Agreement for Studies/Learning Agreement for Traineeship. In cooperation with the Mobility Coordinator of the home institution and the ECTS host institution coordinator, go through the Catalog Course, select the appropriate courses and agree on the recognition of ECTS credits. Send a correctly filled in and signed Learning Agreement to the receiving institution, at the indicated address.
  3. After the official acknowledgement of application receipt, please contact the Centre for International Cooperation of the receiving institution as soon as possible to inform them of the date of your departure for mobility.
  4. After departure, please contact the Centre for International Cooperation of the receiving institution as soon as possible. Upon your arrival, please contact our Centre for International Cooperation to let us know you have arrived safely.
  5. Please act in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the Centre for International Cooperation of the receiving institution, in order to register and familiarize yourself with your administrative and academic obligations during mobility.
  6. During mobility, changes to the Learning Agreement can be made. In this case, fill in a Changes to Learning Agreement form. Please send a completed and signed form to our International Office so that we can analyze and approve the changes. The procedure for changing the Learning Agreement is crucialas all the changes need to be entered in the Transcript of Records after completion of the semester. It is therefore necessary that our Mobility Coordinator and the person who is in charge of the ECTC credits at the receiving institution be informed of every change to the Learning Agreement.
  7. At the end of the semester, you will be issued a Transcript of Records by the receiving institution. Please submit your Transcript of Records to the home institution Mobility Coordinator  upon your return as soon as possible.
  8. Your Transcript of Records will provide the basis for recognition of you mobility learning outcomes.