Required documents for application


  1. Fill in Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Beograd Student Application Form (Application forms without the stamp and signature will be invalid).
  2. Learning Agreement for Studies/Learning Agreement for Traineeship. Please get in contact with ERASMUS+ Coordinator in your home institution and Mobility Coordinator in Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Beograd to find out which courses will be relevant and recognized as a contribution towards your own degree. Please analyse Catalog Course and detailed lists of the courses offered at Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Beograd.

Correctly filled and signed Learning Agreement and Student Application Form can be sent in two ways:  

Centre for International Cooperation
Mitropolita Petra, No: 8
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

  1. After receiving the Learning Agreement for Studies/Learning Agreement for Traineeship, a Acceptance Letter will be issued to you. The Acceptance Letter will be sent by regular post and by e-mail.
  2. Please inform our Centre for International Cooperation as soon as possible of your date of arrival. The Orientation programme will be emailed to you before your arrival.
  3. Upon your arrival, please contact our Administrative Assistant as soon as possible to inform you and help you deal with the administrative and registration procedure. The student assistants will help you with the practical matters.
  4. Your student card will be issued to you upon your arrival. You must send a photo, as described in the Application Procedure, in order to get a student card. 
  5. Please contact our Academic Assistant to inform him of your arrival so that he can help you with your academic issues.
  6. During the mobility period changes to the Learning agreement can be made. In that case it is necessary to fill in a Changes to Learning Agreement form and send it to your home institution Centre for International Cooperation so that the changes can be analysed and approved. Our Academic Assistant will help you with the procedure. The procedure is crucial for the issuing of your Transcript of Records at the end of your mobility period.
  7. At the end of the semester, an official copy of Transcript of Records will be posted to your Centre for International Cooperation.